Results from the POSDEVAL revealed that most CARICOM member countries had difficulty implementing the mandates from the POS NCD Summit Declaration. The main areas of weak policy implementation related to mandates regarding schools, communications, and diet.

Key recommendations arising from the POSDEVAL regarding agriculture, food and nutrition included:

a) The need for multi-sectoral actions at all levels of government and society to tackle NCDs;

b) The need to promote healthy living in different settings, such as schools, workplaces and faith-based institutions;

c) Support for marketing of healthy foods, introduction of compulsory standards for nutrition labelling, and instituting a ban on  advertising, sale and promotion of unhealthy foods in schools;

d) Taxation to decrease consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, and subsidies to increase consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables;

e) Building partnerships with civil society and the private sector, and sharing information, experiences and “best practices” more effectively with local and regional stakeholders.