• Objective 8

Disseminating the lessons learnt from this evaluation nationally and regionally to enhance implementation of POS and globally to inform the attainment of commitments from the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs.



A communication strategy and plan identifying key target audiences ranging from CARICOM Heads of Government to the woman/man in the street will be developed and implemented by CARPHA and Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC).



HCC Team

Team Leader: Prof. Sir Trevor Hassell – President, HCC

Mrs. Maisha Hutton – Executive Director



Team Leader: Dr. James Hospedales – Executive Director, CARPHA

Mrs. Renee Franklin-Peroune – Senior Project Officer

Dr. Glennis Andall-Brereton – Epidemiologist & Acting Head of NCDs and Life Course

Ms. Marsha Ivey – Head, Health Information and Data Analysis

Ms. Angela Hinds – Technical Officer, Health Information and Data Analysis