• Objective 1

To determine the extent to which the 27 commitments in the Port of Spain Declaration are reported to have been implemented and the national and other characteristics associated with high levels of implementation within the 20 CARICOM countries and territories.


This will be carried out through review of the annual progress reports submitted by the NCD focal point within the Ministry of Health of each of the 20 Countries. This will be triangulated against a review of relevant national level policy documents.





Team Leader: Dr. James Hospedales – Executive Director, CARPHA

Mrs. Renee Franklin-Peroune – Senior Project Officer

Dr Glennis Andall-Brereton – Epidemiologist & Acting Head of NCDs and Life Course

Ms. Marsha Ivey – Head, Health Information and Data Analysis

Ms. Elizabeth Lloyd – Head, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ms. Christine Bocage – Senior Technical Officer, Food Security and Nutrition

Ms. Angela Hinds – Technical Officer, Health Information and Data Analysis



University of Toronto Team


Team Leader: Dr. John Kirton – Director of the G8 Research Group, U of T

Ms. Madeline Koch – Managing Director

Dr. Caroline Bracht – Senior Researcher

Dr. Julia Kulik – Senior Researcher