• Island Grill changing the way we eat

Island Grill

If we are really to make a difference in the region’s NCD epidemic we have change the way a lot of us eat. One example of a restaurant trying to turn the tide is ‘Island Grill’ in Kingston, Jamaica. They don’t call their products ‘fast food’ – they prefer the term ‘quick service food’- and say they have tried to stay close to traditional, identifiably Jamaican dishes but with a healthy twist.

Thalia Lynn is the CEO of the restaurant that has been in business since 1991 (with several updates since then) and concentrates on local fresh produce for meals, soups and fruit and vegetable juices. The ‘Veggie Booster’ is a particular favourite.  The restaurant represents one of a number of good practices that can be shared across the region. And the CEO has been chosen as a ‘Go Red Ambassador’ by the Heart Foundation of Jamaica in a campaign which aims to raise awareness of heart disease among women.

We caught up with Thalia recently and she told us all about Island Grill.



The restaurant is also interested in being eco-friendly and does not use polystyrene or plastic packaging. Managers Ann-Marie and Suzette explain:



And here’s a rather satisfied customer (and his cousin). Errol explains why he likes his green juice….



If you are aware of any other examples of good practice on a national or regional level which can help strengthen the NCD response, no matter in how small a way, then please get in contact with us here.